Useful Links

New Media Medicine Forum
A forum for all medical schools in the UK, tests like UKCAT and BMAT and various medical specialities

The Student Room – Medicine Forum
A much busier forum at the moment than NMM, it gives you a chance to discuss various issues and ask questions to other applicants and some Medical Students and Doctors. There are also some medical school threads in the Medical Schools Sub-forum.

Get Into Medicine
A blog which aims to help people get into medicine. They tend to post a lot of news articles which would prove to be good topics for discussion at interviews and also give some things for you to think about at the end of each article, which is really good for helping develop your ethical mind and also what you might say about the subject at interview!

Aspirant Medic
Set up by a graduate applying to medicine, this website marks the journey of a medicine applicant and gives tips and ethical scenarios useful for interview preparation.

Aspiring Medics
The soon-to-be sister site of Aspirant Medic. Who knows how useful it will be? You might as well sign up though – what have you got to lose?

The Dundee University Youtube Channel has some informative videos, not just for Medicine, but for other courses too. Check them out!

Wonderingments of a Hopeful Medical Student is a blog by a UK student going through the application process. They’ve made quite a number of posts about the interviews, including the practicalities of going to an interview, which was something I hadn’t thought to mention. There’s some useful hints to be found here!


A potentially useful site for ‘tactical’ applications. See the full review here.


3 Responses to Useful Links

  1. Oooo thank you for linking! Much appreciated.

  2. Kuraqsht says:

    hello plz can u send some book names in CCP style
    thanks alot

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