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How to get the most out of medical school

Starting uni is an exciting, but scary time for many. Everything is a bit new, and a bit different and it can be hard to adjust and you may feel like you’re not getting the most out of your time … Continue reading

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1st Year Survival Guide

Another one in the ‘Starting Medical School’ series – This was a topic suggested by Simon.   Do’s Do learn to cook – This I could not emphasise more! Learn from your parents, or look something up on youtube, or … Continue reading

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Things to take to Med school

This was a post suggested by Eva. Ask and you shall receive! Here, I thought I’d post a few things that might be useful to bring to uni with you when you first start medicine. 1)┬áStethoscope Some people say not … Continue reading

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Request from the Medical School

Hey everyone, The Medical school have recently emailed me to ask if I’d be happy for them to refer new 1st years to this blog to get an idea of what to expect from University life as a medical student. … Continue reading

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Typical Student Day?

The last 24 hours perhaps typifies the life of a medical student. Last night was a friends birthday, so, after a few drinks, I manage to get a taxi home at about 2am, just enough time to get about 5 … Continue reading

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Applying to Medicine at Dundee

A useful video from the dean about applying to Dundee and it’s interview process.

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Dissection this week has been really interesting. I’m going to be careful about how much I say here, as obviously talking about cadavers in the public domain can be a bit of a difficult area, and so I’ll say enough … Continue reading

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