Things to take to Medical School

This was a post suggested by Eva. Ask and you shall receive!

Here, I thought I’d post a few things that might be useful to bring to uni with you when you first start medicine.

1) Stethoscope

Some people say not to buy a stethoscope before coming to medical school, but at Dundee, its a must. There are very few people without their own stethoscope at Dundee. There are many different types, but most people go for the Littman Classic 2SE stethoscope. You can buy this through the university or can buy it yourself, but I think you might be able to get a discount if you wait until you arrive at uni. You can also get your name engraved on it, which is quite useful if you’re prone to losing things!

2) Clothes

For first year, I would bring at least one or two sets of smart clothes for wards and for clinical skills where you are expected to dress as a doctor would (shirt with sleeves rolled up, smart trousers for guys and your interpretation of smart for girls). Smart shoes are also must. For a night oot on the toon, you should maybe bring a few outfits with you too. Also, don’t forget about dress up outfits: School disco, UV/full moon, halloween, etc are all big themes in Dundee, so be prepared!

You will also need a lab coat for anatomy dissection. Medics now don a dark green dissection jacket – you can buy these from the uni once you arrive at medical school.

3) Books

For Dundee, Clinical Medicine by Kumar and Clarke is a must – it basically covers the whole curriculum. A clinical anatomy textbook of your choice is probably quite useful and will serve you throughout your university life and Macleods clinical examination textbook will definitely be used throughout your time at uni.

Also, at the Freshers fayre, you sometimes get some freebie books e.g. Oxford medical dictionary (which is actually quite useful) and a Oxford handbook of clinical medicine (which you could buy on your own, if you don’t get it for free at the fayre).

Another thing to mention is that the Medical School sometimes send out a list of recommended books. I know a lot of people who bought a bunch of these books and have never looked at them. Don’t make that mistake!!! Wait until you’re at uni and see which ones you borrow from the library often and then you can consider buying those ones. You could also try to buy some books second hand, but again, make sure you’ll actually use the book before you go splashing your cash on them!


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