Questions and Queries

If you have any questions you’d like me to answer in the blog about Dundee or just Medicine in general, feel free to ask below. Fire away, I’m ready to be shot down…


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  1. fitzkm007 says:

    Great blog! Love to hear about your classes/dissections

  2. Z Harris says:

    Your blog is really interesting. 🙂

    I read about your ‘normal day’, I was wondering how much like actual working time do you spend sat down and working/revising etc? 🙂 Not that I don’t like it, would just like to get an idea about it :D.

    • DundeeMedStudent says:

      Hey – thanks very much!

      This was honestly something I worried about a lot when I was applying – I think I asked any medical student with a pulse how much time they spent working because I wanted a life outside medicine!

      I think the answer to this question will differ a lot between people. I work quite a lot compared to a lot of people on the course – in fact, my friends tease me about how much work I do all the time!

      I would say that during the week I probably get home around 5pm, do about 3 hours work and then spend the rest of my evening doing stuff I enjoy. At the weekend, how much work I do would depend on whether I need to catch up on things from through the week or not. It could be like 7 hours work a day, or it could be a couple – it just depends.

      On the flip-side of that though, some of my friends are far more laid back than me and can happily do very little to no work at all – they tend to cram at the end of the year before exams. It means they have a period of about 3 weeks where they almost don’t ever step outside, but it gets the job done I guess.

      So yeah, I would ask as many people you can this question – because it’s a really important one in my opinion! Hope that helps!

  3. T says:

    Hey! I just came across your blog and thank you so much for sharing these experiences! Something I want to know more about is the accommodation for a medical student while doing clinical rotations… so have you done your clinical rotations at hospitals? I am wondering whether for these if you have to move away from your primary residence for these? And if you do move away, how often will that be?

    • Hey, Thanks for the question!

      I haven’t started my clinical rotations yet, but a lot of my friends have.

      For the clinical rotations, most of them will be in your ‘home’ hospital if you like. However, some of them will be a bit further away. For these, you can move away from your primary residence. I’m not sure about other universities, but at Dundee, if you want it, the university pay for you to stay at hospital accommodation during your time in these out-blocks. However, whether you want to stay away from home all depends on your personal situation. For example, if you have a car, you might be able to just drive to the hospital.

      In terms of how often you have to move away, it varies. I would say that during a 40 week term, you should expect to be away from home for about 8-12 weeks in total. Sometimes it quite nice to have some time away!

      Does that answer some of your questions?

      • T says:

        Thank you very much! I am mainly worried about accommodation while doing these clinical rotations. Do you know which hospitals University of Dundee uses for their clinical practices?

        And when do you start your clinical rotations!

        • I start my clinical rotations next year (4th year medicine) – which is a pretty scary prospect!

          Dundee mainly uses Ninewells (obviously) for it’s clinical rotations. The next most common hospitals you can go to is PRI (Perth Royal Infirmary) which is about a 30 minute drive from Dundee. The good thing about this is there is a bus service from the front door of Ninwells to the door of PRI which is free to students (as long as you remember your student card!), so you can easily get back and forth to your house in Dundee if you’re on rotation in Perth.

          Other places you can be sent to are: Kickaldy, Dumfermline (these two are quite common ones to go to), and less commonly, Ayr, Wishaw General and Lochgilphead.

          As I say, the uni will set you up with accomodation at all of these places for free, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I would say the main problem sometimes is the travel. However, because you’re on blocks with quite a few other students, somebody usually has a car, which makes travel much easier!

          Is there anything in particular about the accomodation that’s worrying you?

  4. T says:

    Hmm thanks man! You pretty much cleared up my queries on accommodation =) Was just worried about travelling between accommodation and hospital because I don’t have access to car transport myself.

    • Glad I could be of some help!

      Usually you have a weekend between blocks, and there are busses from Dundee City Centre to Kickaldy and Dumfermline directly, so you have plenty time to get there. One of my friends doesn’t have a car and found time to pop back and forth between Dundee and Kickaldy most weekends, so don’t sweat!

  5. C says:

    Hey, I really love reading your blog, thanks for sharing all these experiences it helps me understand a lot more about being a medical student 😀 Just wondered if you have any tips on getting work experience and volunteering placements..I have 1 week of work experience in a hospital but that is all and I am in Year 11. How much do you think I will need to be doing?

    • Hey C,

      Thanks – I’m glad you find the blog useful, and sorry for taking so long to reply. The last couple of weeks have been a bit mental!

      As a general rule, there’s no such thing as too much work experience! Getting hospital experience is a great start though. Another couple of ideas for you might be to try and get some work experience at a GP practice (perhaps not the one you go to, due to patient confidentiality issues – but ask your GP if they can put you in contact with anyone) and maybe try volunteer at a local care home/scouts/brownies/sports team. All of these things look good on your CV, and can be quite fun!

      I should also say, it’s not just how much experience you get, but what you take from it, so be sure to have a think about what your experience taught you about being a doctor, and what transferable skills you’ve developed during your voluntary work etc.

      Thanks for the question though – I’ll be sure to make a big post on this sort of stuff in the future. Right now I’m a bit overwhelmed with work, so I might not be posting for a while!

  6. Eva says:

    😀 I just got an offer for Dundee!! Seriously the happiest day of my life… hopefully i’ll be more prepared thanks to reading your blog 😀 and thank-you for the advice on interviews, etc.


    • Amazing news!!! Congratulations!!!

      If you take up the offer, will be seeing you in September!

      And no problem at all – thanks for letting me know – this is the reason I started the blog, so it’s great to hear that it helped you somehow!

      All the best!

  7. Tiffany Bong says:


    I am an international student from Singapore and I just got into Dundee for Medicine. As much as I wish to find out more about Dundee, there seems to be very limited information online, and as I’m not from Scotland, or anywhere near, there’s no one I can talk to about Dundee. You cannot imagine how glad I am to have found your blog. A few questions I wish to ask! Thanks for your time in advance!

    1. Are you Scottish? You should add another link that says “About Me!” Haha you don’t even have your name on here.
    2. I know rankings only say so much, but Dundee is not very highly ranked as a university in general. Only on The Guardian, its rankings as a medical school is very high. Do you know why? Is it because the student satisfaction at Dundee is very high?
    3. How is the course in general? Is being hardworking enough to allow you to excel in the course?
    4. How do you find the PBLs and tutorials? Are they very stressful?
    5. There’s a very small community of international medical students in Dundee. Only 13 international students a year are admitted :/ is it hard to integrate into the student community?

    Thank you truckloads! 😀

    Best regards,

    • Hey Tiffany,

      First things first – Well done for getting an offer! All the hard work (and travelling) was all worth it!

      Happy to answer all your questions:
      1) Yes, I’m scottish! I’ll be honest with you, I’d never thought that my blog would ever advance to the stage of being used internationally, so never even thought to even mention this sort of thing! I have to say, I’ve deliberately not used my name on the website – don’t think it hurts to try and stay as annonymous as possible when posting things publicly, especially if talking about your work or university!

      2) You’re right about the rankings I think. Overall, Dundee university doesn’t score particularly high. For example, the life sciences department of the university of dundee scores quite highly compared to some other life sciences departments, but for example, the engineering department might score lower than that of other universities. So, although the medical school at Dundee scores highly (4th in the UK this year, and has been ranked number 1 in the past), the overall university isn’t scored highly. If you like rankings, I’d concentrate on the medical school rankings as that has more of a bearing on what you’ll experience.

      3) I love the course. If you have a browse of the blog I think I made a post about my favourite bits somewhere. Being hardoworking definitely gets you far within the course. And, outwith the course there’s plenty of opportunities within societies to develop your interests, with many events occuring throughout the year.

      4) PBL and tutorials are usually pretty laid back to be honest and most tutors start at the very basics and build up. They’re definitely not stressful, so don’t worry about that.

      5) I obviously can’t really comment on how easy it is to intergrate into the student community as an international student, as I’m not an international student but I’m friend with a few guys from abroad, and they don’t seem to have many problems from as far as I can tell. As another thought, although only 13 international students are admitted each year, Dundee has a relationship with a medical school in Malaysia and so some medical students from Malaysia come to study their 4th and 5th years in Dundee which adds to the number of international students. There is also an international student society where you can meet other people in a similar boat to you. So, we’re fairly used to having people from all over the place at Dundee, really.

      Hope that helps you and if there’s anything else springs to mind, feel free to ask.

      Well done again on your offer!

    • nostalgick says:

      Hey Tiffany and DMS! Haha I am from singapore too, thought i am all alone…:(. Really giving Dundee some serious thought, especially after going there for the interview, really loved the environment and the tay river. Absolutely beautiful… Thanks for the awesome blog and posts, DMS! Hopefully I will get to see you 2 in Dundee this Sept! 😀

      • Hey Nostalgick – you’re definitely not alone, I assure you!

        Glad to hear you thought it was a nice place. The Tay has been amazing for the last wee while as the Northern Lights were over Scotland quite recently. The sunsets were very photogenic!

      • Tiffany Bong says:

        Hey nostalgick! You went to Dundee for the interview? Not KL? So you’ve decided to go to Dundee? Don’t mind me asking, did you try NUS Medicine? Sorry and thanks DMS for posting personal questions on here 🙂

      • nostalgick says:

        Tiffany, we can bring this offline, email me and I can share with you some of my thought processes haha!

  8. Stephy says:

    Hi 🙂

    I just received an Unconditional offer and I was wondering what accomodation you would say is preferable, West Park or on campus? Although West park is halfway to Ninewells, is it less social, or is the closer location to the hospital worth it? Im leaning towards Belmount as I thought it might be easier to get back and forth from on nights out 😛 Also do you know where most med students tend to stay?

    Thanks 🙂


    • Hey Stephy,

      Just wrote a long reply to this but then my finger slipped and I deleted it all. Annoying!!!

      I’ve got to run off to lectures, but will try to remember to reply later on.


    • Right, trying again here!

      I stayed in belmont in 1st year so I can tell you a fair bit about that from my own experiences. For West park though, I’ll be basing everything on what I’ve heard from friends who lived there.

      Belmont – Further from ninewells meaning most people tend to get the bus which comes every 7-10 minutes or so past campus and goes straight to ninewells which is really convenient. I actually walked to ninewells every day in 1st year which took around 40 minutes which isn’t too bad. You’re right with the night out thing as well! Some flats look right onto the union, so if you’re going out you can even keep an eye on the queue to see when its getting busy and then make your way down before the queue gets too big!

      West Park – although it’s closer to ninewells, buses aren’t as regular along there as far as I can tell for getting to ninewells meaning most people walked. However, even though you’re closer to ninewells, there’s a hell of a hill to climb to reach the front entrance of Ninewells when you’re walking (go on google maps street view for ‘West Park Road’ to see what I mean!), so its a bit of a toss up there. For nights out, there’s a shuttle bus every half hour or so from West Park to the union which is handy. Also, there tends to be a bit of a closer community at West Park because its a bit further from campus – everyone seems to know everyone, which is quite nice!

      Personally though, I loved Belmont – it is probably more convenient for getting to the union or into town. Also, theres a tesco, somerfield and lidl really nearby campus but not really anywhere for groceries near west park which I think would be a nuisance.

      Hopefully that gives you an idea of what to expect from both of them though. There’s also heathfield which is 1 year newer than belmont and is a stones throw away from belmont so that’s as good as belmont in my opinion!

  9. yeunyi says:

    hey. came across this website through a website called thestudentroom. i skipped to this section on enquiry so i’ve yet to read the blog but will be going through it very soon! 😀
    i’m from malaysia, and will soon be entering dundee for my 3rd year. i’m actually from International Medical University, Malaysia which has a relation with University of Dundee as well as other medical schools in the UK over the years. my seniors have been joining you guys in as 4th year med student, but starting from my batch, there’s a change in the system and so, we’ll be entering as 3rd years.
    right now, i’d actually like to know bout the list of books required by a 3rd year in dundee. coz my seniors dont do theory there, so i dont think they’ve any idea bout it. it’d be troublesome for them to ask around since i heard 4th year is a busy period.
    the books i’ve with me currently are macleods, davidsons, netter’s atlas of anatomy, ohcm, ohcs, ICT neuroanatomy. what else do i need? what bout pediatrics, dermato, psychiatry?

    • yeunyi says:

      also, do we need whitecoats in dundee? apparently what i heard is med schools in uk do not encourage whitecoats.
      i’m really glad that i came across this blog where i can clear my doubts since your replies to posts are up-to-date. thank you so much! i just read your posts on places to eat in dundee. YUMMMMSSSS!!! *slurp*
      hope to get a reply from you soon! oh btw do you have any advice for international students going over there? really hope to be well-prepared when i’m over there! 🙂

      • Hey again,

        No need for white coats! Its thought of as an infection risk with long sleeves – when you’re on the wards, be sure to roll up your sleeves on a shirt or where short sleeved tops. No watches or bracelets or rings are allowed either (apart from wedding bands I think).

        As for general advice for international students, I would just say don’t be shy! I can imagine it being pretty intimidating starting fresh in a different country, but everyone is really nice here and if you’re happy to chat away, you’ll feel right at home in no time!

        Any other questions that pop into your head, feel free to ask! I’ve been asked by the medical school to make some posts for new students coming to Dundee medical school over the summer so be sure to check back then for more tips!

    • Hey,

      Nice to hear from you! I didn’t realise there’s a change in the way you guys are integrating with us – why have they changed it? Its a bit annoying you have to do an extra year before you graduate!

      I have to admit, I didn’t really use many textbooks in third year. I certainly didn’t buy any books especially for third year. There’s a few books that I’ve had since first year which have gotten me through everything so far – those books are:
      Kumar and Clarke
      Master of Medicine
      Master of Surgery
      Grants Atlas of Anatomy

      All of these books are almost designed for the dundee curriculum so if you have those, you’ll be ready for anything. As I say though, I don’t use a lot of books, so maybe I’m not the best person to ask about this kind of stuff. Sorry!

      Dermatology gets covered in 1st year, so that probably wont be in your exams. Child Health is a pretty small block and is mostly a post-graduate speciality so I wouldn’t worry too much about that either. As for psychiatry, I think Kumar and Clarke has a chapter on that, but don’t quote me on that! Aside from that, Kumar and Clarke will have a chapter on most of the 3rd year blocks!

  10. yeunyi says:

    Hey! Yes it is, but guess we’ll just make use of that one year to adapt to life in Dundee before a hectic 4th year! 🙂
    i see, i see! i’ve just bought davidson’s. if i’m able to sell it, i’ll get a k&c then. i sometimes think that davidson’s (just like macleods) has too many tables. anyway, by not using many textbooks, does it mean you rely on lecture notes more? so we’ll be able to download lectures on a website like some elearning is it?
    yeap i’ve definitely heard that ppl there are very friendly and helpful. 😀 can’t wait to be in dundee soon! am currently searching for accomodation with my friends 🙂

    • Haha, yeah you’ve got a point there about being prepared for 4th year!

      I wouldn’t worry too much about selling Davidsons – I’ve never used it myself, but it might still be useful. The library at Dundee has lots of copies of K+C etc. available so maybe wait and see how much you use it when you get here before you decide on whether to buy it or not?

      And yeah, all lectures are available for download online – I used lectures for the basis of my revision and then added notes from tutorials etc to them, to get a full picture of everything together, which was quite useful.

      Where abouts are you looking for accomodation at the moment? The west end is all very nice!

      • yeunyi says:

        i see. yea sure. Davidsons and K&C are similar but some say that k&c is more in depth. i dont mind that but personally, i feel Davidsons’ a lil messy with summarising tables and all that.

        we’re currently looking at the accomodation which is under a company called Netlatch. heard anything bout it? The accomodation’s within Ninewells – Pasteur Lane etc. Prob now is if we’re able to get a unit with central heating or not.

        • Fair enough. Its all down to what works for you, at the end of the day!

          I’ve never heard of Netlatch before, but, I have a feeling some of the Malaysian students from last year that I know stayed around there, so must have dealt with them. Pasteur lane is an ok place to stay I think – very near Ninewells, which is handy, but for groceries etc. it might be a bit of a mission! There are buses all the time from Ninewells though, and theres a taxi rank there too, so you can get around by public transport I suppose. I’ve never been in any of the houses at pasteur lane etc though so can’t really comment on what they’re really like.

          Also, I would definitely get central heating!!! The last few winters in Dundee have been really cold (-10C at times) so without central heating your bills will be huuuuuuuuuuuge!

      • yeunyi says:

        hey! just wondering. the ‘assessment’ in year3 is on the modules we learn in that year or it includes all the other systems as well?
        btw what’s SSC? TBP? it’s all in the academic calendar they emailed us. 🙂

        • Things changed this year. Previously you would only be assessed on the systems covered in third year, but now, they can ask anything from years 1 to 3. However, I reckon they’ll mostly ask stuff about 3rd year, but with a few random questions from earlier years thrown in.

          SSC is ‘student selected component’ where you have a 4 week block to do a project. You can either choose the project from a list or organise it yourself. You also have the option to do a 4 week long project, or 2 x 2 week projects in different areas. It’s really up to you. For example, in third year, I did a 4 week SSC in radiology, then in the second SSC block, I did an audit in Paediatrics.

          ‘TBP’ – I literally have no idea what this means. Any other information about it? If it happens at the end of the year, it might be something to do with Transition Block?

      • yeunyi says:

        oh man!! and it’s a repeat of what i did during the last semester in my local uni here again. lol i guess you’re right TBP- transition block period?
        btw yeah i heard bout Netlatch from my seniors so i guess you know them! 😀
        they actually provide quite a good deal, and we’re now waiting for a reply from them. though it all comes down to whether they’re gonna give us a unit with central heating.
        but thanks loadssss for your help!!! definitely cleared lots of doubts! take care! 🙂

  11. Sophie E says:

    Hello 🙂
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog! I was accepted to Dundee in March, after being rejected from everywhere last year. So happy! Dundee is my first choice, but I’ve also just been accepted to Glasgow. I’m trying to make a balanced decision… do you know anything about how one is better than the other? Obviously a difficult question for you to answer since you seem to have really enjoyed your time at Dundee.

    Sophie 🙂

    • Hey,

      Nice! Congrats on your offers!

      It really all depends on what you’re like as Dundee and Glasgow run pretty different courses! Glasgow used to be all PBL, but I think that’s changing sometime soon. Is it still all PBL? You’ll know better than me! If it is still PBL, do you think you’ll be able to motivate yourself to study everyday without being ‘forced’ to, or will you be at the pub/on facebook instead?! I know which one I’d rather do…! If it’s not PBL anymore, are you happy to be the guinea pigs they try out a new curriculum on?

      Dundee is a bit more traditional, with lectures and tutorial sessions. There is a little bit of groupwork, but only around 2-4 hours per week.

      You’ve also got to think where you’d like living for the next 5 years. Glasgow is a much bigger city with much more to do but might be a bit daunting to people from wee towns. You might also want to think about where is best for commutes home etc, if you get homesick!

      Whats made you pick Dundee as your first choice so far?

      • Sophie E says:

        Thanks for your reply! I’ve actually just gone and firmed Dundee- so excited!
        I thought a bit about the course (although Glasgow’s course is changing, PBL still plays a central role). I did my research, talked to people at both Dundee and Glasgow, and took into account my personal preference too obviously! When it came down to it, I knew Dundee was the one for me, and it genuinely feels like one of the best decisions (so far!) that I’ve ever made 🙂

        Thanks again and good luck with all your work!

        Maybe see you around someday 🙂


        • That’s really exciting! It’s a really difficult decision, but you won’t regret it!

          Thanks very much for the luck – got exams in 3 weeks so I’m in serious study mode at the moment!

          See you in September!

  12. james says:

    hey DMS!

    I heard that you once made a decision between edinburgh and dundee and you chose dundee? Now I am facing that same decision too! Please please shed some light on me as to why you didnt pick edinburgh in the end! Have been hearing lots of praises of edinburgh as a great city and has everything you need plus its rankings and fame outshines that of dundee. But I would love to do dissections and study in a small town! Sigh. Huge dilemma….


    • Hey James,

      Its always tough to choose, but I made my mind up after seeing them both at the open days. I can’t say enough good things about dissection. Quite frankly, my knowledge of anatomy would be rotten without having done it. Maybe thats just me, though. Also, having spoken to students at both medical schools, I felt that I got on well with students at Dundee and fitted in a bit better with the students here compared to Edinburgh. Its really all just down to personal taste!

      Have you been to any of the open days or anything?

  13. A says:

    Hi there! Love the blog! I’m in 5th year and am hoping to apply to Dundee in October, it’s my first choice – love the city and, being from Perth, know it quite well!!

    I was just wondering if you could give me any advice for my application? Struggling seen’s I don’t know anyone who has done/is doing Medicine!!


    • Hey A,

      Awesome! First thing I would recommend is to come along to the open day on the 20th of June – it’ll give you a good idea of what the university is like. Also, do the same for any other medical schools you might apply to. There, they tell you about the course and usually have some current students there so you can ask questions. Also, it’s good to be able to say on your application – “When I came to the open day in June…” – shows you’re actually interested!

      The personal statement is a pretty tough thing to write. Its kind of like a CV, but not quite. If you have or can get any hospital/GP/care home/voluntary experience then that is always a plus. If you do sports and have competed at a high level, then that looks good too. Be sure to say what level you competed at e.g. regional or national. In my PS I also wrote a bit about why I wanted to be a doctor, even though I applied to another non-medical course – I still god accepted to the other course too, so it’s definitely worth aiming your PS to medicine!

      Hope thats of some use. Anything else you’d like to know specifically?

  14. Mindy says:

    Hey! I am an international student and I got accepted into Dundee medicine school. Do you remember when you accepted their offer, when and how much deposit did you have to pay? Also, I heard from my friends that someone accepted the offer and then changed his mind in the end. I was wondering if there’ll be any penalty (just in case!) thanks so much!!!

    • Hey Mindy,

      Because I’m Scottish, I didn’t actually have to pay anything – we get it all our university fees paid for us (which is amazing). So, I didn’t have to pay any deposit.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know very much about the international applicant process, so can’t really help you out with financial stuff…! Sorry about that. I think it would be best to contact the medical school directly to find out officially.

      Sorry for being useless!

  15. Hey!

    Really enjoyed reading through your blog. Mini plug here, but if you don’t mind doing a review of UniReq ( on your blog, I’ll happily post a backlink to your blog on the team page. Check out the site, it is an extremely useful tool for applicants imo and has already been used thousands of times.


    • Hey Vulpes,

      Had a quick look at your site and looks pretty cool – great idea and I’m sure it’ll be really useful for people applying to medical school. I’ll write a review on the blog, although, admittedly, it’s quite difficult for me to test properly, as I’m a scottish student so do Standard Grades, Highers and Advanced Highers which you don’t have on your site as of yet – perhaps if you could add that in, it would help to widen your audience a bit more!

      Great job!

  16. justme says:

    My child is a new medical student enrolling in Sept 2012. From what you can remember, is there any chance for him to fly home during the Dec 2012/Jan2013 term break? Or does he need to stay behind in Dundee to catch up on anything?
    Thanks for your time as we are planning the date of the return air ticket.

    • Hey!

      Yup you probably will be able to have a couple of weeks back at home over Christmas. Almost everyone travels back home over the Christmas period. Hope that helps!

  17. SH says:

    Hi, i’m starting medicine at dundee this year and i’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. i was just wondering, in first year how often to you have to go to ninewells? how much will this cost by bus?

    • MLG says:

      Hey SH.Firstly I’ll apologise for the massive delay in replying to you, the reason is DMS had just finished their finals on the 13th and then jetted off on their elective, so I’ll act as their substitute. I’m a 5th year so you know where abouts I am in the course. Going up to Ninewells differs each semester in 1st year. The first half you only go up a few times a week in the afternoons for clinical skills etc, which is easy enough from campus. The 2nd half of the year though you have lectures there every morning so are up there 5 times a week. As far as costs go its something like £1.60 per single, but if you don’t have a car/ a mate with a car (you may well make one) then your best bet would be to get a bus pass which is like £60 for 10 weeks, it’s what I used in 1st year and makes the most financial sense. Hope that helps!

  18. Scotspaddy says:

    I am a Irish student interested in applying for University of Dundee.
    Last summer I visited the campus and fell in love with the vibrant welcoming atmosphere of the University.
    Having read the medicine syllabus, the University of Dundee would be my first choice.
    I recently got 5 predicted A grades and they are looking for 6 A grades,
    Will I even be considered or immediately dismissed?,
    What are the typical conditions grade wise with the offer?
    Is there any other advice you could give to me which would enhance my chances of achieving a successful application to your university of Dundee?

    • DundeeMedStudent says:

      Hey, sorry for a bit of a late reply, I barely come on this site these days… Been pretty busy!

      You won’t be dismissed based on your predicted grades, if that’s what you’re asking? But, I would put in as much work as you can to try and get the entry requirements – it’ll definitely increase your odds.

      Not sure about the conditions, grade-wise… Perhaps any external onlookers might be able to give some more help on this one?

      Have a look at the personal statement part of this site for some hints and tips, but, focus first on getting the grades – if you get them, they’ll look at your personal statement, if not, they might not!

      Unfortunately I can’t really give much more advice than this – can anybody else help out here?

  19. scotspaddy says:

    hey ,
    thanks a lot for your reply at all,
    im sure your extremely busy,
    great blog must sayy,
    got 6 As so my dream for dundee medicine is sitll alive,
    again thanks and hope i get in:)

  20. Jazzman says:

    Hey I also like your blogs. I have an interview on 6th December and I’m over the moon as Dundee is my first choice ………….after 4 rejections last year! To help out ScotsPaddy the University are looking only at grades and UCAS results for the first sift. They only look at the Personal Statement once the sift is complete. That was new for this year. 60% grades and 40%UCAS score.
    I would love some hints or tips for the MMI………any advice on where I could get a mock interview. Lots of students seem to have one via their school but I dont have access as I have now left

    • Obviously, it’s pretty hard to do a mock interview for MMIs, but, if you have a job, you could ask somebody senior at work if they would mind doing a mock interview for you. You could also practice in front of your parents, or friends of a parent.

      Basically, anyone who’s ever been for an interview at some point in their life could help do a short mock interview for you – the main thing to get practice in is improvising in difficult situations!

  21. yourarea says:

    I see people are getting interviews for dundee,even internationals
    just wondering is it too late now to get one,
    and should I accept thats it?,
    any help would be appreciated

  22. julie says:

    Hi. I’ m from Hungary, and I would like to study medicine in the Uk. Do you think I have a chance to get in the auniversity of Dundee? Tution fees are paid to Uk students only?

    • Hey,


      International student’s generally pay most fees which are more expensive, but EU countries get a reduced rate – so obviously you’re entitled to that rate. Not sure what the rates are! Check out the University of Dundee website – should be more information on it there!

  23. B says:


    I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful and informative blog, I was in Dundee a few days ago for an interview and I absolutely fell in love with the place! I’m an international student (from Qatar) and I’m really hoping to get into Dundee. The people in general are so friendly and down to earth (compared to England for example) and the city’s just gorgeous. I think this is my third or fourth time on your blog and each time I read a post, I get more and more excited/anxious to receive an offer. 🙂 Thanks again for answering all of our questions and putting so much time and effort into your blog.
    I wish you the best of luck in your studies and in your life.


  24. Good way of explaining, and pleasant paragraph to get information concerning my presentation topic, which i am going to deliver
    in academy.

  25. Js says:

    Could you please tell me what the holidays are like at dundee medical school? When terms normally begin and finish for years 1-5! Thank you very much for your help 🙂

  26. Northstar says:

    Thanks for your blog. I know more about Dundee after reading your blog. I heard that the passing mark for every exam in Dundee is above 70%, is it true?

  27. Lydia Tcheir says:

    Hey, I find your blog really informative so thank you for all the time you spend on it! Anyway, I was just wondering, what kind of questions should I ask at my interview? I feel that every time I come up with a question, the website or prospectus answers it. My interview is on Tuesday and I am terrified.

    Thank you for your time. 🙂

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