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Careers Fayre
The surgical careers fayre usually a really good event where the Surgical society invite a number of surgeons to come and give a talk about their surgical speciality, the career path they’ve taken to get where they are and a chance to inspire medical students into their field!

Each surgeon usually gets around 5-10 minutes to talk and the evening is usually made up of about 10 speakers. After the talks, there are stalls set up outside in the blue-carpet area for each speciality to give interested students a chance to find out more about the speciality and just generally network (in most cases, with a view of setting up an SPSSC or 4th year project in the future) with people in your area of interest.

I’ve been for the last 3 years and each time it was really informative so hopefully it’ll be another good event this year. It starts at 5pm, so I should probably go along a bit earlier to help set things up…


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