DUMS (Dundee University Medical Society)

DUMS is the Medical student society at the university of dundee, run by medical students. Throughout the year, they run a number of events which are really good fun, and are usually some of the best events of the year!

At the start of the year during freshers week, DUMS organises the Medics Freshers Fayre to give all the new medical students a chance to join some of the societies available at the medical school, as well as a chance to meet your new peers. Here, you can opt to be part of a medic family – you get given the phone numbers of two older students in the years above you and text them to let them know you’re their kid! That same night is the night of the infamous medic pub crawl where you meet with your medical parents to be bought drinks and taken a tour of the city. This is one of my favourite nights of the year, just purely because its a good chance to catch up with everyone after summer and everyone is usually quite excited to be back at uni again.

The next night is after your first day of lectures – Gaudie night. This is where the kids go to the parent’s house for food, followed by a night out. Parents usually put on big parties for this and so is a good chance to network again. Sometimes they even dress their kids up in some rather fetching outfits. Although, never fear as the kids get their own back a few weeks later when they get to take their parents on a night out.

A great event on the run up to Xmas is the Revue. This is a comedy show by medical students taking the mick out of some of the lecturers you’ll see throughout your time at the medical school and runs for around 3 or 4 nights. There’s a bar on site, with VERY cheap drinks and so usually things get a bit rowdy towards the end, which adds to the atmosphere!

Another event just before christmas is the Xmas ball. This night, again, is brilliant. A somewhat more sober affair usually, a ceilidh band plays into the wee hours of the morning while you dance and drink the night away – right in the heart of the hospital!

A new event that started last year in support of children in need is DUMS got talent. Medical students who think they’ve got what it takes enter the competition and perform an act to the jam-packed lecture theatre, all in the name of charity. There was a good mix of funny and talented acts last year, which was great. The winner, Hetty Jenkins, was well deserved also for her singer/songwriter skillz!


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