Student Societies

At the UoD, there are a huge number of student-run events. In fact, recently, some societies have been able to present at (in some cases international) conferences about their events, as they have been so innovative.

I feel strongly that this is a great selling point for Dundee Medical School, which is a student-centered institution and actively encourages student involvement in all aspects of the university course e.g. students as interviewers at the medical school admissions interviews, guiding tours for prospective students and also developing online tutorials for students in earlier year groups. In a way, it shows that Dundee is quite confident that the students will speak highly of the course and encourage others to come i.e. they’ve made a good medical course, and by doing that alone, it will advertise itself through word of mouth.

Even more recently, the dean has emailed the medical school asking for a list of all the medical student societies at the UoD so that further support can be given to all the societies in the university. Every year I hear about a new society I didn’t know existed before and so if these smaller societies could get more support, then it would help them establish themselves far quicker than would normally be possible.

I’ve made a list of some of the societies that Dundee Medical Students tend to be involved in. Obviously there are more societies than this at the University of Dundee, but I put the medicine-y ones here to give you an idea of what’s available. Also, as a disclaimer, I obviously know more about some societies than others, so just because I don’t say much about a society on here, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a very active society!


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