Places to Eat in Dundee

Given my recent post about halls, and happening to mention Tonic, it’s spurred me on to make a post about the best places to eat in Dundee. Having listed all the places I like to eat below, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that I’m probably going to die at the age of about 27 if I eat these kind of things all the time, but I don’t! Promise. I should also say that I used to go out for feed quite a lot in first year, but haven’t been doing it so much recently, so things might well have changed since I was there.

On Perth Road, not far from campus. This sets it in a prime location for students. At 5 pound(ish) for a burger and chips, it can’t really go wrong. Things have changed a bit there recently, but they used to do a 6oz burger as standard, but, it was free to upgrade to an 8oz. Also, for a limited period of time (just after Ketchup (their new competition)) opened in Dundee, they did some sort of monster deal, which was amazing. They doubled up your burger, which would normally be 12oz, but given the free upgrade, it ended up being 16oz. AND my friends got a burger which had two patties, they ended up with 32 ounces of burger glory in front of them. See the picture on the right for evidential proof and a regular sized burger for scale. I’m still pretty sure they used a whole bread loaf as the bun.

The Union
The unions pretty good for food. They do fajitas which I love and one of my friends still says that the union do the best chili burger in Dundee, so there you go. They also do pizzas and stuff, perfect with a pint.

Tonic’s competition. This is a branch and so there’s other ketchup’s elsewhere e.g. Glasgow. I don’t really like ketchup but my friends love it, so I thought I’d put it in here. They do this Monster burger, where if you eat it, you can get your picture taken and have it put up on the ‘Wall of fame’ in the shop. My friends and I went in one day, all had one (it wasn’t very nice, just really meaty) and then had to run off to get to class before the people had a chance to get our photo. What a shame.

Rancho Panchos
My favourite place to eat in Dundee, I think. I loooooove mexican food and whenever I pass the restaurant with friends, I always make a point of pointing it out to the people who have never been. Usually I’m greeted with a “Yeah, Yeah… I bet it’s brilliant. Uhu. Sure.” and then a week or so later, after they’ve tried it, they’re even more enthusiastic than I am about it! Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

The Rep
A bit more expensive, but a bit nicer. Not a very student-y place but maybe one for a meal with the ‘rents if they come up.

Great coffee shop. Nice lunches too.

“The Cake Shop” (Edit – Remembered the name! Well, my girlfriend did… It’s called “The Parlour”)
I can never ever remember the name of this place, but it’s tiny and is on old hawkhill. Does amazing lunches and sandwiches you can take away. Can also sit in. And as their name suggests, their cakes are awesome. It’s my mums favourite restaurant in Dunders.

The DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts)
Too expensive for me, but I’m sure it’s nice.

I always, always, always get my indian takeaway from here. It does the best Chasne I’ve ever tasted. Seriously. If I move to another city for my FY years, it will be spice that’ll bring me back to Dundee again and again. I don’t know how I would have survived without it over the last few years. Their onion chutney is brilliant too. I buy rice pots full of the stuff everytime I go.

Mandarin Gardens
I don’t like chinese food, but when I tried mandarin gardens, I was converted. Really good chinese, cheapest one I’ve found, and really quick service. What more could you want?

The Nether Inn
They do a beer and a burger for a Fiver. After DPaC on a friday, my friends and I used to meet up here when we finished and have a beer and burger to mark the beginning of our friday night and the weekend. Also been there on a couple of pub crawls over the years. Good pub.


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  1. Vburger says:

    Burger and bear is the killer combination. I am insane for both of them. I like your blog. Thanks for putting it up…

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