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Hey everyone – a couple of Ex Dundee medical students have made a website for students trying to improve their OSCE performance. Check it out here! This is particularly aimed at current medical students in the UK, so if you … Continue reading

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UCAS Guidance on Personal Statement Writing

Find it here. From a quick glance, it looks like some pretty sound advice! On a side note, anyone coming to the Dundee open day this week? It’s on the 20th!

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“My Life As A Med Student”

A great post here from a tumblr blog on studying habits. From a personal point of view, I live by to-do lists and would definitely second the last point about teaching others – if you can explain it to somebody … Continue reading

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Feelings about starting medicine

I’m starting to feel a bit old, recently… Making all these posts about starting medicine is a bit of a punch in the teeth! I’m now about to start fourth year after doing a BMSc, making it 4 years ago … Continue reading

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Coping away from home

Moving away from home can be a big worry for both parents and students, alike! For some, it will be their first time away from home, for others, it is a time which couldn’t have come soon enough! Some people … Continue reading

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A week in the life of a BMSc Student

Personally, I don’t think there is enough information out there on what its like to do a BMSc/BSc during medicine. At Dundee, an perhaps elsewhere, there is still the general view that a BMSc year is a ‘year out’ and … Continue reading

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Organising Notes

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, staying organised is pretty important in medical school. If you’re not organised from early on, you’ll probably never find the time to actually organise it all properly, and you’ll suffer for it for … Continue reading

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