Coping away from home

Moving away from home can be a big worry for both parents and students, alike! For some, it will be their first time away from home, for others, it is a time which couldn’t have come soon enough! Some people take to uni like a duck to water, others take more time. In saying that, even those who generally cope well with uni life may get homesick if things go wrong in their personal life.

It’s hard to give tips on how to cope with life away from home, as everyone differs so much.   However, I’ll put a few examples of how people generally cope here, to help people decide what might be best to do.

For those who get homesick, or for those whose parents will be missing them, try to stay in touch! A wee phone call at the weekend to say everything’s fine and to keep up to date with things at home is a small gesture which can go a long way. I also know some people that phone home everday – how often you call is just down to your personal preference.

Go home every once in a while or ask your parents to come visit – even if you don’t particularly miss it, it’s nice to have home comforts at times. Sometimes, by the time you start missing home it might be too late, so go home while you have a chance – as I say, this is easier for some people than for others! Some people from further afield go home when there is a bit more time off for studying. On the other hand, some people don’t like going home as it reminds them about it and makes them miss it more. Its just something you have to try for yourself to see how you react to it. Also, if parents are concerned about how you’re coping, inviting them up for a visit might relieve some of their apprehension as it will show them that you’re coping well and enjoying your time at uni!

Visit friends from home – this might not neccessarily mean going home. If there’s a friend in a city nearby, go visit them. This small reminder of home might just help to get rid of some anxiety about being away from home. It might also help to speak to somebody else who is going through the same experience that you are: studying away from home!

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