Exams are over!

Exams finished as of yesterday! After a 2 hour anatomy theory paper and a 100-mark anatomy spot check exam, it’s officially the summer holidays!

Despite feeling a bit sorry for myself today, the sky just seems that little bit bluer…

Anyway, I’ll be making some posts relevant to those starting medicine sometime very soon, and I’ll also try to make a post on the updated curriculum at Dundee for those applying in October this year.

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5 Responses to Exams are over!

  1. Jasmine says:

    Hi!! Love your blog 🙂 I’m oficially on a gap year now after being rejected from all 4 unis for medicine 😦 I will be reapplying later this year and if my ukcat goes to plan, Dundee will definitely be among my choices!

    • Hey Jasmine,

      Sorry to hear that… You got any plans for your gap year?

      The UKCAT is quite important, but won’t make or break your application for some unis, so try not to build it up to be a big deal!

      Best of luck with your future applications. Also, there’s an open day on the 20th of June at Dundizzle if you want to come have another look and chat to some students!

      • jasmine says:

        I really want to make the most of these summer months before I re-submit my application in october so I’ve organised 3 hospital work experience placements, 1 week volunteering as a residential carer and I’ve booked a ukcat course! I really hope all this hard work pays off and I get a place next year!!!! btw thanks for posting all this info on dundee and sharing your experiences!

  2. YWS says:

    I can totally feel your relief at finishing exams, mine are officially over as over today!

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