If I had done a…

If I had done a normal degree, today might have been my last day of studying! Last essay exam tomorrow on anatomical variation.

Given that the normal anatomy can be a bit tough at times, knowing the rarer deviations from normal should be no problem, right? Right?!

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3 Responses to If I had done a…

  1. dundeechest says:

    What exam is that? I’m pretty sure I didn’t write it…..

    • Haha, no you didn’t!

      I’m doing a BMSc in anatomy so it’s a Life Sciences exam. I even have to write words in these exams! That certainly came as a bit of a shock. Here’s hoping they don’t take marks off for hand-writing…

      • dundeechest says:

        Sounds like the good old days of my exams in 1995 – 3 hour exams, 6 essays, 2 exams a day, 2 weeks. Ah, the memories…

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