Lying is a quality a doctor should have, apparently?

Lying is something I simply can’t do. I’m rubbish at it. I go all red in the face and burst into a fit of giggles.

Given my complete aversion to lying this thread pretty much shocked the socks off of me. Not because of what had happened – people lie at interviews all the time, and sometimes get away with it, but only because nobody ever finds out. What shocked me was other members of the forum’s reactions.

Check out how many negative’s people get for saying things like “People shouldn’t lie about themselves to get into medical school”. Perhaps I’m being naive, but I thought this would go without saying. However, clearly numerous members of the forum think that lying is standard procedure for getting into medical school. A number of people even accuse the thread starter as being a snitch, which is a word I haven’t heard since I stopped watching the TV show ‘Recess’ at the age of 9. They even state that they think the thread starter is worse than the person who lied in their interview for even considering telling the medical school. This literally blew my mind.

There was one other bit that made my jaw drop. Excuse my paraphrasing, as I can’t remember exactly what was said, but somebody mentioned that being able to lie and get away with it is a useful quality for doctors to have, as it may help put patients at ease in difficult situations. Firstly, I think they’ve really missed what the interview process is trying to achieve. Also, excuse me pointing out the obvious, but surely telling the patient that they’re fine when they’ve actually got a tumour the size of saturn is, as he says, putting them at ease. But lets face it, that isn’t exactly the best thing to do for that patient, and if, god forbid, you did decide to do that, you’d be asking to be struck off. Plain and simple – it’s unprofessional.

Please, have a look at the thread as it’s really interesting to read. Perhaps people on the thread are just becoming more polarised than they would be if you met them face to face, because lets face it, it’s easy to become very strongly opinionated when nobody can identify what you’ve typed as yours.

Please, let me know what you think. Am I really being a bit naive and old fashioned here? I really can’t get over this…!

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2 Responses to Lying is a quality a doctor should have, apparently?

  1. Pranab says:

    This is a very reasonable stand. In my limited clinical experience I have found that patients want to be reassured not by being lied to but by given the right information and options about their condition and treatments thereof. Indeed this whole business of lying to get in is heinous…

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