Week of Hell

John Bishop finishes his week of hell tomorrow. I think what he’s doing is great, but to be honest, I think I deserve more sympathy at the moment.

I’m coming to the end of my second week where I’ve been basically unable to sleep. Most nights I’ve tossed and turned until 3am, then woken up at 8am only to get back to work. There’s only been one or two nights where I’ve been able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Last Friday I had my midterm anatomy exam and then the weekend straight after it was the surgical society weekend, which I had a hand in organising. This would be enough stress to last some people a year. But not me. Oh no. I’ve got a dissertation to do, as well as organising a mock OSCE for second year medical students, all whilst trying to keep on top of coursework for my anatomical variation module (lectures, 2000 word essay and presentation) and the anatomy part of the course (the anatomy course has the ever-present fear of an ‘unnanounced test’ during lecture time which counts towards your degree).

So, here I am at 00:50 finding the time to write my first blog post in ages.

And to make things worse, I still have another 10 days of my ‘week of hell’ to go. John Bishop, eat your heart out!

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