Top 10 Reasons to become a Doctor:

This came up in my Facebook news feed today, and I’m shamelessly re-posting it. As sad as it seems, there’s an element of truth to a lot of these. (Also, if you add numbers 8 and 9 together, it could end badly!)

1) You will lose all the friends you had before medicine
2) You will have difficulty sustaining a relationship and will probably break up with or divorce your current significant other during training
3) You will spend the best years of your life as a sleep-deprived, underpaid slave
4) You will get yourself a job of dubious remuneration
5) You will make a mistake and it will cost you
6) Being a physician doesn’t carry the social significance it once did
7) You won’t have as much time to care for your patients as you think
8) You will begin to hate your patients and, by extension, people in general
9) People you don’t even know will hate you
10) Your patients won’t listen to you

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One Response to Top 10 Reasons to become a Doctor:

  1. Ouch, the truth really hurts ><

    – Tanadda

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