I feel pretty much swamped at the moment.

It’s starting to get a bit stressful (although admittedly, I’m probably not as stressed as you interviewee’s atm – how have the interviews been going by the way? (P.S. please don’t post what any of the stations were!))

Here’s my to do list:

Organise a station for a surgical society (DUSS) event on dermatological surgery
Finish organising a Mock OSCE
Finish all my lab experiments by the 3rd of February (never going to happen!)
Prepare for a literature analysis exam
Write an essay for my Molecular Oncology unit
Write up my (10-12,000 word) dissertation
Plus try and be a human being – socialise with friends etc.

Then, on top of that I’ve got anatomy lectures, dissection, plus molecular oncology lectures to go to. Plus, the fear of unannounced tests (which count towards our overall degree) during anatomy lecture time, meaning you pretty much have to be on top of stuff all the time.


On the plus side, I got my exam results from last semester’s exams, which I’m very happy with! Fingers crossed I can pull something like that off again this semester…!

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