Hot Topic: Stem Cells

This article talks about how stem cells have been used to heal heart tissue.

I can tell you that stem cells is a super-hot topic at the moment, and is carried out in Dundee. I’m actually studying them right now as part of my BMSc – the final year for any other degree course.

I guess the main point for you guys is the ethics behind it. Stem cells have been used for years and years in the form of bone marrow transplants. However, most research on stem cells have been carried out on embryonic stem cells, extracted from VERY early embryos (just a few days post-conception). These embryos came from assisted conception attempts and were voluntarily donated for research, however now, they’re creating embryonic cells specifically for the purpose of research.

This raises some interesting questions:

What issues can you see with this practice?

What are the benefits of stem cell research?

Do the risks outweigh the benefits?

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3 Responses to Hot Topic: Stem Cells

  1. jasmine says:

    Hi!! I’m an avid reader of your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Although i haven’t applied to dundee, i find all your posts very interesting and informative! I’m currently waiting to hear back from bristol, st andrews and edinburgh for medicine.
    I have a stem cell blog if you’d like to have a look:

    • Hey,

      Thanks very much for the link – I’ll be adding it to my favourites! (Your iPSC timeline might prove very useful into the run up to exams for me this year, so thanks for that!)

      Best of luck for all your remaining applications! I’ll keep reading your blog to hear how you get on!

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