I recently received an email from the University of Dundee on this site saying that they welcome students blogging but wanted to check whether I had the rights required to use the banner I was using before. I didn’t. And now I’ve changed it. I had used the banner before because I found it on google and thought it was a pretty picture of Dundee. I did realise that I probably shouldn’t have been using it, but decided to use it while the blog was in its infancy.

Now that it’s up and running, it’s probably time I did my own banner. Honestly though, I have no artistic skills whatsoever. What do you think of the banner? If any of you art buffs out there want to design me a banner, I’ll give you an internet-based pat on the back as a thank you!

Also, I kind of crapped myself when I saw the comment was from the university of Dundee. They even told me to contact them by email, which I have. As of yet, they haven’t replied. I wonder what they want to chat about? Anyway, there’s a message for all you folk on the student forums – you should be careful what you put on the internet – anyone could see it, and to be honest, forums are an obvious place to start looking for dirt on you!

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