Suturing Workshop

Yesterday I helped out at my first ever suturing workshop as a member of the Dundee Uni Surgical Society. It was pretty quiet, but that turned out to be the best thing – meant you can spend more time one to one with people to help them out.

I always find that teaching people really helps to improve your knowledge on things. Different people think in different ways and so when you teach, people can ask you questions you have never thought about before. Yesterday was a really good example of this. I ended up coming home to watch some youtube videos on suturing to try and figure out the answers so I can better deal with these sort of questions next time. Also, I’m much more confident in my suturing skills now, which is a bonus!

At the end of the workshop, the President of the surgical society revealed that towards the end of this year, those who take part in the suturing workshop this year will be allowed to have a go at suturing in thiel cadavers, which for me, is really exciting! I haven’t had a go to dissect the thiel cadavers and have only been able to watch so far, so it’ll be interesting to compare what the thiel cadaver is like compared to the embalmed cadavers. I’m such an anatomy-geek.

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