Typical Student Day?

The last 24 hours perhaps typifies the life of a medical student.

Last night was a friends birthday, so, after a few drinks, I manage to get a taxi home at about 2am, just enough time to get about 5 hours sleep before waking up to get ready to go to 9am lectures. Then it’s anatomy for an hour followed by 3 hours of dissection time.

After that, it’s lunchtime with as much coffee as you can get your hands on.

Next it was off to the lab from 2 until 6pm doing SDS-PAGE.

Now I’m writing a blog post before heading off to the Dundee Uni Med Ed Society meeting, which thankfully is occuring in a pub, as I could really do with a wee drink to chill out a bit.

In summary, I’m knackared, have done no work but had great fun last night, which is probably the most over-riding feeling amongst the student population in the UK.

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