Workload/Typical Sunday

Today I woke up at half 10, because it’s a Sunday, but most other days I’d be up around half 8 or so*. After getting dressed etc. it’s basically time to sit down and work. Since then, I haven’t really stopped very much. I had half an hour for lunch and half an hour break mid-afternoon to catch up on some X-factor (I actually was watching the Xtra Factor – yes, I’m addicted to X-factor. Bite me), and that’s about it really.

Now I’m procrastinating a bit and so thought I’d make a blog post, some-what ironically, about how much work medics tend to do.

This morning I wrote up some lectures from earlier this week and also looked at some older ones to make sure I knew most of the material from them. Then, I made sure I knew what was happening this week and also prepared a presentation on my honours project I’m meant to be giving on friday and practiced that for a while. Then I read a chapter of an anatomy textbook to add detail to what I’ve learnt from the lectures. Now – I’m meant to be doing some research and reading papers for an essay which is due up 4-5 weeks or so as well as a poster I’m meant to be producing for around the same time. It’s a bit non-stop.

I’ll probably stop working by about half 6 to make dinner and because, as I’ve already alluded to, I’m an X-factor fiend, I’ll probably not do much more work tonight night and just chill and watch X-factor.

*Sundays can equally begin much later on – say middayish depending on the activities of the night before.

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