Dissection this week has been really interesting.

I’m going to be careful about how much I say here, as obviously talking about cadavers in the public domain can be a bit of a difficult area, and so I’ll say enough here to make a point and no more to save anything I say here coming back to bite me in the ass a few years down the line. Everything I say here is completely positive, and hopefully it shows here how much I really do value the opportunity for dissection we have at Dundee.

Our cadaver is very interesting in that, during life, they had a pacemaker inserted and had undergone surgery for a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) from their internal thoracic artery to his left coronary artery. Not only was I able to appreciate just how much scarring can occur in following cardiac surgery, first hand (the cadaver’s heart had almost completely adhered to the back of his sternum), but we could also investigate where their pacemaker tracked to reach his heart and then where within the heart the pacemaker stimulated. I can honestly say I had basically no idea how they inserted a pacemaker before this week, but now I’ll never forget it!

You can’t teach that in prosections!

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