Reclaiming the day

I realise my day probably doesn’t sound that crap, but I tend to do that thing where things seem much bigger in your head than they actually are. Regardless, I’ve attempted to reclaim my day in a few simple steps.

1) Have a can of coke
2) Eat a cupcake
3) Get reply from woman re: anatomy table allocations – all is fine and I’ll be allocated to a table on monday (much better than my acute concern that I’d been chucked from the course for some reason)
4) Borrow and *return* notes from a friend on the lecture I accidently missed today
5) Return the wrong order I recieved on amazon via Freepost, thereby minimising the impact on my bank account
6) Arrange pub trip with friends

*Note* – If somebody has lent you something and you don’t return in it quickly in the same condition you received it, you’re an ass.

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