Bad Day

Every once in a while, a bad day comes around. It might not take much to set the whole thing in motion, but generally, when one bad thing happens, everything else goes wrong too.

For a start, one of my wisdom teeth has been coming through, and now that it’s finally through, it’s still really bloody sore. I think it’s infected or something. Throw in the pain of another wisdom tooth coming through, and I’m already having a pretty bad start to the day.

So, this morning I was in the lab, and things were going pretty good. I organised my day around my 2 o’clock lecture and managed to keep to time pretty well. In fact, I finished up a wee bit before two and so went to the library to have my lunch, after sitting down, I raided my bag looking for the food I’d made this morning in preperation. However, it wasn’t there and so must have left it at home. No biggie I thought – paid for some lunch at the cafe and ate my lunch in peace.

While I was sitting there I decided to check my diary for some reason, only to realise that my lecture started at 1, not two, and so I’d missed basically the whole thing. Given that it’s pretty rude to turn up to a lecture 10 minutes from the end, I called it quits and started to head home.

On getting home, I remembered that the two online items I’ve received have been either wrong or faulty so have to deal with them and try to get the right ones, which can be quite an annoying and tedious process.

Also, we were told we’d been allocated to dissection tables and were sent a list saying who was at what table. However, my name isn’t there. Another thing to add to my list of things to fix. However, when I tried to get onto my dundee emails to let the course organiser know, the dundee email system is down, so I had to go through my hotmail account, which is a bit informal – hopefully this doesn’t all come back and bite me in the ass.

Anyway, I’m not having the best day and am in desperate need of a pint tonight.

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