Quickpost: Labs

Just a quick post about today. I was in the labs most of today working on my project. I was shown how to do SDS-PAGE and started to do some western blotting. I’ll be finishing that off tomorrow. I’d done some western blotting before when I did some work experience in a lab at high school, but that was 5 years ago now! I remember how to do most things, roughly, but at the time I definitely did not understand the science behind what I was doing, so have been trying to make sense of it tonight through some reading.

I also had a talk on Lab safety for an hour and a half and then another 45 minute lecture on plagiarism and how to avoid it. Not the most interesting of talks I’ve ever seen, but important all the same I guess, and good stuff to know.

Before those talks though, I was waiting for a friend before going to the lecture and she phoned me to say she’d be a bit late. I was fine by this, and assumed it be because she slept in or something, but no, it turns out she’d seen somebody collapse in the street and batter their head on the ground, resulting in a big ol’ golfball swelling up on their head, so was trying to deal with that. I’m not looking forward to the first time an emergency situation creeps up on me – I think I’d just turn into a blubbering mess and try to do tonnes of things at once and end up doing nothing…

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