Give it a go day

As I mentioned earlier, today was ‘Give it a go’ day where most of the sports clubs put on a session to allow students a chance to try the club and see if they’d like to join.

I tried the badminton club this afternoon, which is a club I’ve never been involved with before but would like to do for a bit of fun over the next year. When I turned up, I happened to know some people in the club as they were medics in my year. After speaking to them, it turned out they had tonnes of people sign up at the freshers fayre, with normally around half of them coming along to the give it a go session. With 200+ people signing up, things got a bit mental. Ended up being able to play badminton for about 15 minutes before the end of the session, which wasn’t the best chance to find out what the club is like. However, mos clubs let you come along a few times before they make you pay, so the next few weeks is a better test of what the club is like. What give it a go is good for though, is to try a new sport briefly and see if it’s something you’d want to keep at.

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