First day

Today is the first day for most university students at Dundee. It’s also my first day of my intercalated year – scary shiznits. It’s gonna be a really tough day I can tell. I’ve got a lecture at 1, and a lecture at 4. Both of which last an hour. And they’re both introductory lectures where they basically say “This is what we call a ‘lecture’ – you will have these regularly throughout the year” or something to that effect.

Anyway, I’m a bit unsure of where my lectures are, as I’m not used to being on campus very much, but I’m sure I’ll find them.

In other news, tonight is gaudie night – the first of the medic-parents nights. It’s where the parents take the kids out and make them dress up in various embarrassing outfits and take them out to a club (normally). Drinking games are usually the order of the day and things can get quite messy at times, all the night before the 1st years first day of dissection! But that’s ok, because the kids get a chance to get the parents back a few weeks down the line.

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