Today I had to matriculate for my Intercalated Degree, which proved to be much more of a task than I thought it would be.

In first year, I turned up to matriculation hungover, waited in a queue for like 15 minutes, handed in my forms and then headed back to bed. Then in 2nd and 3rd year, it was even easier – you just signed in online, checked your details and then you were matriculated again. This year, however, was a bit more of a shambles.

In the morning I was in the lab starting my experiments and so unknowingly to me, I missed a pretty important email that was sent at 10am, just 3 hours before we were meant to be matriculating, saying that we had to pick up a matriculation form from the MSI (Medical Science Institute) at the opposite side of campus from where we were actually meant to be matriculating. So, I rocked up at 1pm as instructed ready to hand in my forms saying SAAS would pay my fees and then be on my merry way. But no, I was sent on a wild goose chase because nobody knew where I was meant to get this form from. I ended up in about 4 different buildings, visiting some of them twice, only to see somebody I knew who managed to fill me in on how to get my form. Then, by the time I got my form and headed back to the matriculation hall, tonnes of other people had arrived meaning the queue was twice as long as when I was there originally! The whole process ended up taking me about 2 and a half hours, when it should really have taken about 20 minutes at the most.

Anyway, while I was there, I got quite a shock when everyone kept approaching me being all chatty and stuff – I don’t think I did very well to hide my “Why the heck are you talking to me right now?” face, but I actually forgot that in Freshers Week there seems to be a thing where it’s not awkward to walk up to people you don’t know and start chatting to them, which is actually quite a nice thing. I’m way more used to people being almost rude to me in most cases, so it certainly is quite refreshing!

We matriculated at the same time as the 1st year medics so there were a few people suffering a bit from last night… Seems like people had fun, thats for sure!

In other news, I found out I’m a (medic) grandad! (My medic kids from last year got kids this year)

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