Freshers Week: Wednesday

Today is the Wednesday of Dundee’s Fresher’s week. Today the medics have a Freshers Fayre up at Ninewells for a chance to sign up to all the different medical societies on offer. I was helping out at the Dundee University Surgical Society (DUSS) stall which was good fun – got a chance to speak to quite a lot of the new medics which was great. Some of the other stalls were: Obs and Gynae society, Ultimate Frisbee, BMA, Wesleyan, Student BMJ, The MDU and Medsin. A lot of the new medics were saying they were a bit worse for wear and were trying to psych themselves up for the Pub Crawl tonight, entitled: SHOTOMANIA (caps mandatory).

SHOTOMANIA basically involves a long list of pubs you stumble to who put on a shot for £1 that night. You go around with a card and get a stamp at each pub to say you’ve done the shot. You then head on the the designated club to dance the night away (Free Entry with your DUMS card), and if you managed to survive all the shots, then you get a free t-shirt. Not bad. I still wear my T-shirt from 1st year with pride (as pyjamas in winter). This is also the night that, if you’ve signed up for them, you get to meet your Medical Mum and Dad. I’ve done it the last two years but decided not to do it this year to give some other people a chance as there’s normally too many parents for the number of kids. But the medic parents usually pay for a couple of drinks for you and guide you to the next pub to meet your next shot. Aside from that, they can also give you some tips on general uni and medic stuff, which is nice.

SHOTOMANIA: a night to remember, but is almost always forgotten.

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