Back in Dundee

I arrived back in Dundee on Thursday, and I have to say, it’s good to be back. After a “Welcome back” drink or two, I’m feeling a little bit fragile today. Managing to catch up with all my friends and starting to set up my room for the coming year. There’s not too many people around in Dundee at the moment – only the new 4th years have started back just now. All the new 5th years are still on elective/holiday and all the other students are still on their summer holidays.

Not much has changed in Dundee since I’ve been away… They’ve started building some huge-looking structure next to the house I lived in before, and there’s a new superdry shop in the town centre, which I might check out another day!

This weekend, I’m going to buy myself a kilt for the money I’ve received for my 21st as well, which is quite exciting.

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