I’m absolutely glued to the news about the London riots at the moment. Absolutely insane.

Does this also raises the possibility of the end of the world in 2012? I really hope not!

Also, this doesn’t bode well for the olympics next year… it’s not just terrorism security should be looking out for, just generic British citizens probably won’t be allowed in! I can tell it’s going to be a very successful games already.

I’ve also been following “#riots” on twitter. It’s mental. Tweets are appearing faster than you can read them. This one is pretty memorable:

LIBBzDaSLINGa (Elle Blake)
Smashin up ppl yards in Aston #riots

I really hope she’s merely describing the activities of others rather than posting her most recent activity, otherwise Elle Blake could well be in deep shit at somepoint in the future. For her sake, I hope it’s the former of those interpretations.

Also, my girlfriend informs me that there’s apparently attacks planned on a children’s hospital in London, which despite my humour about the events above, is completely out of order. I’m not really religious, but God help the people in the Hospital. This whole situation is completely insane and it seems to me like they’re using Mark Duggans death as an excuse to destroy their community and instill terror in those living there. I reckon this weekend will be remembered for a long long time. Lets hope it stops soon and my thoughts go out to anyone involved.

Also, this story is quite good – Blackberry have said they will help to track those instigating violence as far as possible with the aim of prosecuting them. I guess the same might happen with twitter – guess people will need to be careful about what they post for public information in the future!

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