I’ve not made any posts for the last wee while. I’ve been at my girlfriends house for the last few days, and I’m not that addicted to blogging (yet) that I would choose blogging over her (although I’m sure there’s plenty time for that). I’ve also been at a friend from uni’s 22nd birthday party in Edinburgh. She’s getting on a bit now. I’m revelling in my 20-year old youth for as long as I can.

Also, on an interesting note, it was raining really heavily for a fair bit of the weekend and so I had the luxury of seeing a whole bunch of fresh, new car crashes in my travels to West Kilbride, Edinburgh and back to West Kilbride again. I think I saw 4 in total. Two of which were on the same corner of the A71 (The “Most Dangerous Road in Scotland” (in 2003, but saying this kind of lessens the impact of it’s notoriety title)). Two of the crashed cars I saw looked like right-off’s as well. Seeing all this didn’t do much for my nerves anyway.

So, in my absence, I’ve kind of lost my train of blogging thought, so will have a quick re-cap and then write some posts about anything interesting I can think of.

Also, I might write a bit more about personal statements etc for anyone who has got the results they wanted from their latest exams and are now planning their application to university. I’m targetting them because I’m almost certain they’ll take almost all the help they can get (or their parents may well be researching the topic and stumble upon this blog and forward it onto their offspring, which I think is actually more likely (as this is what usually happened to me, and also still sometimes happens – Medical fact – mums can be an invaluable resource)).

Also, the 4th year students (who are on their elective at the moment) got their exam results today and I happen to know some who passed, so a big congratulations to them! T minus 1 year until doctorage for them.

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