Clearly Crazy

Well, I’m clearly crazy. Its 00:28 and I’ve just finished reading over an essay I’m going to submit for an undergraduate prize. This is way later than I ever work during term time, so why am I doing it in summer?! Who knows. Boredom I guess…

Over time I’ve started to think I might be interested in a career in ENT, only to discover its one of the most competitive specialities there is, because of its good work-life balance despite being a surgical speciality. So, after being encouraged by other doctors through a few career-fayre nights, I’ve been doing some extra ENT related stuff, including writing this essay. The winner is announced in October, so fingers crossed!

I started doing the essay with a view of “scoring points” for my CV, but actually, I’ve (sadly) really enjoyed doing it! Its on neuroplasticity in the central auditory pathway. I bet you couldn’t wait til the end of that sentence to google search it! Anyway, it had some cross-over to teaching and education as well as tinnitus, which both interest me somewhat from playing guitar and already having an interest in med-ed!

So, I’ll be submitting that tomorrow, I imagine.

Tomorrow I’m also sending of an ethics form for ethical approval of my 4th year project which is a cohort study on the bedside teaching at the UoD. Never a dull moment, eh?!

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